Field General – Flash Game

You probably know that ESPN Arcade is a service that offers free flash games. ESPN Arcade games cover a wide range of genres, such as sports games, arcade, puzzle games, and even card games. Field General is one of the most interesting games from ESPN Arcade. It’s an American football game that lets you play as the quarterback.

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As mentioned above, in ESPN Arcade‘s Field General you play as the leader of the offense, the quarterback and your job is to throw the ball to the receiver. You have to time your throw and synchronize with the receiver when passing the ball, otherwise the receiver will not be able to catch it. The receiver runs on a pre-established path and you have to throw the ball in his path. Time is also a factor, as the pocket will collapse and you will be sacked if it takes you too long to throw the ball.

Field General - Flash GameIf the receiver catches the ball, the game switches focus and you will be in control of the receiver. Your job will be to run down field and score a touchdown. If you know American football rules, you know exactly what you have to do in Field General. Completing passes allows you to advance to the next level, and if you manage to score a touchdown you will receive more points. While the objective is simple, the game requires synchronization and precise timing.

The game also allows you to gain special moves and extra pass attempts. Special moves give you more time in the pocket, but there is a downside to using them: you receive less points. So if you want the highest score, don’t use any special move but make sure you score a touchdown.

How to play
As with the vast majority of flash games, the control scheme is very simple and intuitive. Field General features two gameplay phases: the throw phase and the run phase. Both phases use the same control schemes.

During the throw phase, you position the target (which represents the place where the ball will be thrown) with the arrow keys, and throw the ball by pressing the Space Bar. If you don’t want to use the arrow keys to position the target, you can use the I, J, K and L keys instead. Both control schemes are easy to use, but as mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will have to make sure that you time your pass very well, as the receiver runs on a pre-established path and he can miss the ball.

During the run phase you control the receiver with the arrow keys, or if you want to use the alternate control scheme, with the I, J, K and L keys. You will have to run for the endzone and score a touchdown, avoiding the other team’s players.

If you acquired any special moves, you can control them using the A, S and D keys. Note that you can only use each special move once per play, so make it count. There are three special moves and they can only be used during the throw phase. Simply press the corresponding key (A, S or D) and you will use the special associated with the key.

Field General is one of the best offerings from ESPN Arcade. It is a very entertaining sports game, with nice graphics and animations. However, the best thing about it is its addictive gameplay and once you start getting the hang of it, you won’t notice the hours pass as you try to unlock the next level and get a high score.