Play Warfare 1917 Online

What can be more awesome than mixture of online browser game, add to it category strategy and war theme, result will be pure awesomeness and epicness.

Warfare 1917 is a strategic action game from Armor games. The game is a simulation of the First World War to some extent.

Play Warfare 1917 OnlineThe basic objective is to organize your troops, gain ground by pressuring the enemies and destroying their morals. You can either select the German or British troops. So your enemy will be either Germans or British depending on what you will choose. The enemies are computer controlled so do your best to fight them of with your troops and the weapons you have.

Train your troops and command them to advance or retreat or occupy trenches. There are several several units time work with such as sniper, infantry and tanks which you have to use effectively. To enhance your firepower in the fight you can use support fire such as mortars, gas strike and tank strike. Watch out for your men’s morals so that it may not be depleted. Use the games upgrades to your advantage.

At first you play only with one soldier, but don’t worry things escalate quickly in this game, after couple of levels you will gain XP, get upgrades and you will have to control different units at the same time in order to make effective attack and destroy enemy’s forces. While playing this amazing strategy game you will notice that some different units are effective in different occasions, you will learn yourself how to deal with different types of enemies after playing for a while.

Warfare 1917 if definitely a nice game that will keep you busy as you try to complete the campaigns.