Top online game - Happy Wheels

Top online game – Happy Wheels

April 3, 2018 PinkyCutie 0

I bet you all know Happy Wheels game, this is crazy, mad and hilarious flash game. To describe it in a short it is racing game, it has funny characters and it involves overcoming tons of different obstacles and going through different scenarios.

Full version of Happy Wheels can be found here hacked version of the game can be found, if you have some questions feel free to send them via contact form, or you can leave comments below.

Play Smash and Blast Baseball Online

December 24, 2017 PinkyCutie 0

There are a number of sports to choose from. Some of these sports are less heard of, while others turn out to be the story of our every day life. One such sport is baseball. Baseball is an amazing game that requires passion and commitment for you to enjoy the game. Among the many online games is the Smash and Blast Baseball game which is powered by MINI MONSTER MEDIA. The most amazing thing about this game is that you can easily learn from an online game simulation of the same. This article is therefore aimed at helping you understand the basics of baseball and how you can go about it with the ultimate goal of becoming a pro.