Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 (aka Impossible Quiz 3)

Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 (aka Impossible Quiz 3)

The Impossible Quiz is a deceptively simple game series where the user is simply asked to answer questions that are devilishly and deceivingly easy. These questions, however, have nonsense or strangely accurate answers that cause the game to be considered almost impossible for some players. The player has only five lives, so they can only make five mistakes. In some levels, there is a timer in the form of a bomb that explodes, making the user lose instantly even if they had more than one life. Power-ups are also included with the skip power-up allowing the user to skip any question they deem too hard for their intelligence to handle. Another power up is the Fusestopper, a creature that allows you to destroy the bomb, giving you as much time as you need to answer the question. The important part of the series is to think outside the box.

The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 has the same controls as all the other installments in the series. It’s a point and click game, where the user simply selects the answer they believe to be correct. However, like the other games, the answers provided aren’t always the answer. For example, the number of a question could be an answer or even a word in the question. Nothing is black and white in the Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This series has gained a cult following online, with many praising the creator’s wittiness, humor, and silly answers. The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 is recommended for everyone at least to experience the silliness and utter hilarity for themselves. The games aren’t for everyone, but the silly humor and strange questions are enough to make even Einstien’s gears turn in frustration. Found on most flash game sites, this free game is sure to be a enjoyable time waster.

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